Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I really need help.
The people who moved into my old house have a daughter who is in 3rd grade and best friends with my 3rd grade sister. She came to school and had a brush mark on her side, as well as her mothers mark on her shoulder. Whever the girl (Emily) does the slightest thing, she is beaten with a brush. Its so sad! Please help!

- Reggie

Hi, it all depends really, does this girl seem happy? Does she get scared when she talks about 'mummy'?? If so then you should tell your mum/dad/caregiver. What's happening to her isn't fair especially at her age I know what violence is like and I know that I didn't have the guts to tell anyone so really you would be doing her a favor. Also, does she ever say that mummy hurts her?? And how bad are the bruises?? If she does you and ur caregiver should go straight to the police..
I hope this helps a bit, please tell me how it goes
Lili xoxo

Saturday, 21 May 2011

To Brooke:
I kinda have this problem. There is this girl at school. Everyone makes fun of her. But shes my new friend. People bully her. When I hang out with her people say really mean stuff about her. Should I [stay friends] with her? My mum says I [should] but I don't know...
From Anonymous

Hey there!
Well, here's the thing. Do you like her? If you like her, then there should be no problem. Does it matter what they say? Make sure to stand up for her. It's hard to be bullied. Ditching her would make her life even harder. As long as you like her, that's fine. If you don't like her at all, and if she says some things that upset you or does some things that she shouldn't, that's probably the only reason you should leave her. If you like her, forget about what they bullies say. And if you truly are for her, make sure to stand up for her.
From Brooe

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Brooke: This is our blog xx I'm twelve and my life... let's just say it isn't the easiest. Here's my intro... oh boy. My dad died when I was three years old. People say it's a good thing that it happened when I was little because it means I can't remember him. But I do. To top that off, my Mum met this guy, Mark. They've been going out for years, and eventually he moved in. After that? I hated him. I don't like to admit it but I did. Now they're married. I've kinda gotten over it now but I know what it's like. I still don't like him sometimes. I also have a stepbrother, Jayden. Which means there are five kids in my family. (I know, it's a lot.) Constantly people say Mark's more of a Dad then anyone else, which I hate. I may have known Mark longer than him, but my real Dad is someone I can't replace.
I've gone through other stuff, too. I've been bullied, teased, lost friends, moved schools. And now I'm in love with a guy who will NEVER ask me out and I will NEVER ask him out. Don't ask me how this relationship's gonna turn out. Anyway. Enough me. I think this went on longer than I thought it would....

Lili: Hey I'm lili I'm 12 and this is my first blog xo Hmm were to start.. Well I guess there's no use hiding wats happened to me. Okay here goes When I was little my dad abandoned me and my mum, he left me And i have only seen him once. My Mum got a boyfriend (Paul) and soon enough he became my *dad*. After about five years of constant fighting and violence through my house Paul tried to kill me and my sister (Neave) as well as my mum, luckily we are all safe. One time through these horrid yrs a horrific thing happened to me which basically turned my life around.. I was sexually harassed..... my mum didn't find out until late last yr. This was a horrible experience and I hope it never happens to anyone else. Anyway once Paul left I went through depression, i slit my wrist and attempted suicide but thankfully I was stopped. A few years back I was diagnosed wif a rare disease which stopped me from being athletic cause it caused to much pain. Anyway this is just a brief overview of my life. I've been through alot in my life, I also went through bullying, teasing and hav had many secrets.. my love life? Well since my experience I haven't had many boyfriends due to my lak of trust to anyone. At the moment, to be honest, I'm questioning some stuff about my love, anyway thats enough for now I'll talk to you later Xo

Hannah: hello everyone this is my first blog and i really want to be able to help u people. my life 
i live with both my parents and their relationship is good and now u probably think that i dont understand... truth is i do a few of my freinds have been abused coped with deaths of family members and many many other bad things
me i have been thrugh some really bad bullying and it was really tough i have also have expeirence, i suppose u could call it, in helping people over come these things. please come to us with any quetions and we will answer it as best we can so please talk to us get it off ur chest .... thankyou